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I’m Micaela, a writer, lifestyle entrepreneur, and chronic illness advocate living in Los Angeles. My mom and I co-run a clean skincare line called My July which was born out of my chronic illnesses.

I grew up in New York and Connecticut, and have been sick for as long as I can remember. Not sick in the traditional sense of always getting the flu, ear infections, or sore throats. No, my body spoke to me in different ways. I’d often feel dizzy and lightheaded. My stomach would cramp up throughout the day and I’d get bloated after almost every meal. I had trouble learning, concentrating and remembering words. I had crippling anxiety with no known trigger. My skin broke out in rashes (at that time we thought it was eczema, later would learn it was a symptom of Babesia, a co-infection of Lyme) that would only go away by using prescription ointments from my pediatrician.

Aside from the skin rashes, I hid my other symptoms well. I figured these ailments were all just random quirks of mine that I would have to live with. When you grow up like this, you don’t know any other way of living, so you just accept what you’re given as your normal. I talk about more on how I got diagnosed in the Chronically Hacked Course, but I now know I have Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, mold toxicity and mycotoxins, candida overgrowth, parasite overgrowth, and Hashimoto’s disease.

Looking back on your life after you have more answers is like putting back the pieces of the puzzle and seeing how everything fits together. I was conceived and raised in a house that had toxic black mold so I may have even become infected with mold in utero. It’s hard to know. But what I do know is I am relentlessly persistent, endlessly resourceful, and I have a strong intuition. On my journey to a diagnosis and now on my journey to health, I’ve tried many different medications, supplements, herbs, food combinations, alternative healing methods, physical exercises, mental and emotional exercises, I’ve redefined my relationships, adapted my work-life boundaries, and more. I am happy to share what I’ve found has worked for me in hopes it will give you or your loved one guidance in you or their own life.

Chronic illness talk aside I love warm, sunny days, deep connections, and words that make you feel things.

Chronically Yours,

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