Finesse the mess of chronic illness.

A foolproof Survival Guide to Hack your way to Health.

Founded by two best friends and medical mysteries, Chronically Hacked is a course designed to help you navigate the confusing world of chronic illnesses.
“My wish for you is that Chronically Hacked will lead you towards your next level of wellness as you transcend the boundaries of your present illness, moving upward on the spiral of healing.”
Yours in Health,
Dr. Richard I. Horowitz, MD

Demystifying Chronic Illness

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The Chronically Hacked Course includes:

  • 2 hours of video content. ($350 value)
  • 40-page ebook with foreword written by Dr. Richard Horowitz, a board certified internist leading groundbreaking research, studies, and treatments for Lyme disease and other tick-borne disorders. The ebook includes over 20 exclusive discounts to Micaela & Dianna’s favorite health & wellness brands as well as a bonus healing guide from Ally Hilfiger. Complimentary audiobook version included. ($45 value)
  • Access to a private support group. ($100 value)
  • Two live 60 minute Q&A chats with Micaela & Dianna. ($200 value)

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Are you ready to become a chronic illness hacker?


Lesson 1: Introduction

Get to know Micaela and Dianna. The duo share who they are, how they met, and why they decided to start Chronically Hacked.

Lesson 2: Micaela’s Story

Micaela shares her health history and nearly decade-long journey to a Lyme disease diagnosis. She shares her symptoms growing up chronically ill, why she waited until her late teens to chase a diagnosis, and where she is in her healing journey.

Lesson 3: Dianna’s Story

Dianna shares everything leading up to her ultimate health scare when she almost went blind. She shares her immune compromising event that created the perfect chronic illness storm, how she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and how this transformed her into who she is today.

Lesson 4: My July & Kitchen Remedy

The duo share how their illnesses led them to start their own businesses. Micaela shares how My July, her clean skincare company, was born out of necessity and the role her mother played in its inception. Dianna shares how starting Kitchen Remedy, her boutique chef service, filled a void after experiencing a series of hardships, trauma, and grief.

Lesson 5: Guest Interview with Ally Hilfiger

Micaela and Dianna interview their friend and Lyme warrior Ally Hilfiger. Ally talks about her life growing up on the East Coast, her distinct memory of being bitten by a tick, and what helped her get through her darkest depression.

Lesson 6: Natural Remedies to Support Detox

From coffee enemas to acupuncture to brain retraining and everything in between, the duo share what treatment methods they’ve tried and what’s worked for them. They share cost effective treatments and tips, tricks, and hacks to keep things budget-friendly. They also explain why it’s essential to first open up your detox pathways and how to do so.

Lesson 7: Guest Interview with Holly Owens (Wellthy Belly)

Micaela and Dianna interview their friend Holly Owens also known as @wellthybelly. Holly shares how her Lyme disease affected her modeling career and how her priorities shifted. She shares how she started writing about health, wellness, and her Lyme treatments which ultimately became the Wellthy Belly brand it is today.

Lesson 8: Final Notes & Conclusion

Micaela and Dianna reiterate the importance of healing with a mind-body-spirit approach and their tips, tricks, and hacks to do so. They offer final thoughts on how to create a sustainable lifestyle conducive to chronic illness and how to handle this all with grace and grit.

This course is for you

if you’re:

  • Battling undiagnosed chronic health issues whose soul is craving answers.
  • Newly diagnosed but are very lost and overwhelmed by the weight of it all.
  • On your healing journey but feel like you have plateaued or are stuck in a rut and are seeking extra support and clarity.
  • Someone with a loved one who is chronically ill and is searching for answers to help.


From encountering symptoms to finding the right doctor for you to getting diagnosed to treatment plans, Micaela and Dianna cover everything they’ve learned throughout their personal health journeys. The duo shares their experiences to help you finesse the mess, gain clarity on your health, and hack your way to health.

We give 3% to Global Lyme Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to conquering Lyme and other tick-borne diseases through research, education, awareness, and support.

Student testimonials

Major Insight Into the Chronic Illness World

“Although I don’t have a chronic illness, as a certified health coach, Chronically Hacked helped me gain so much insight into the chronic illness world. It’s something I wish they taught more about in nutrition school. I have more sympathy for chronic illness patients as I understand the lifestyle changes they have to make. Micaela and Dianna are spreading a very important message with Chronically Hacked and I recommend it to anyone in the health and wellness industry and beyond.”
Megan K.

Student testimonials

My Healing Journey Bible

"Micaela and Dianna break down complex topics you’d read about in medical journals into easy-to-understand pieces. A few years into their healing journeys, you can tell they are truly passionate about helping others. I’m also a few years into my healing journey (I have Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella) and this course and ebook has become my bible to refer to."
Emily k.

Student testimonials

I Feel Less Alone

“I love Micaela and Dianna’s cut to the chase approach to sharing their experiences and knowledge they’ve learned in healing themselves from chronic illness. Micaela actually helped me get diagnosed with Lyme and a few co-infections. After years of feeling ill and not getting better, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate her for getting me to where I am now!”
Shannon k.

Student testimonials

Saved Me So Much Time and Money

“Understating and treating chronic Lyme is a complex and frustrating process. And that’s where Dianna and Micaela come in. They took their first hand knowledge and experiences and created a course that is easy to digest. I am so thankful to have found Chronically Hacked as it has saved me so much time and money as I begin to navigate my healing journey. They have learned from the mistakes of treating Lyme so that you don’t have to. This is a course that will leave you feeling hopeful and inspired, not overwhelmed!”
Emily D.

Student testimonials

Informative, Realistic, and Easy-To-Follow

“Dianna and Micaela’s Chronically Hacked course is designed to help you avoid the suffering they endured and lead you to the healing you desire. Their trials and tribulations have ignited a burning passion in their hearts for not only helping others, but healing the chronic illness community as a whole.”
Adam p.


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